More Brands Partner With Eyekandy to Produce Virtual and Augmented Reality Experiences to Drive Immersion, Loyalty, Education and Sales

Eyekandy Limited

Our Philosophy is to always create engaging digital consumer experiences that drive brand education and immersion, which ultimately drives sales. Our Virtual and Augmented Reality services are no different.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Virtual Reality experiences educate and inform like no other digital consumer experience.

Ellen Payne, Marketing and Media Manager at uber cool London restaurant, Sketch London, said, “Eyekandy’s virtual experience has positioned us to share a sneak preview of our passions here at Sketch. The experience offers a powerful experience to share our ‘triple dream’ of food, art and music with a wide audience. This will encourage people to come and see more, to share the dream and the great cuisine … the doors are open!

We ensure we safeguard our Clients from the hype and guide them to producing a valuable, innovative asset that can drive brand loyalty, interest and sales.

Andy Shackleton, CEO

There are endless applications for Virtual Reality, which engage consumers to such a degree that it enables a heightened sense of informed decision making and emotional connection to the Brand. Even extreme experiences can be “tested” by anyone in the relative comfort of a living room.

Conor Wilson, PR Manager at DriftLimits, said, “Eyekandy’s VR is a completely immersive experience for those that wanted to try our drift car experience but have never had the courage to do it. Once you see and feel what you are missing out on, you’ll regret never having come to DriftLimits sooner!

We also recently produced a VR experience for The Bike Shed. Joe Golden, Eyekandy Creative Director said, "They offer unique range motorcycles and accessories that may not be easily accessible to potential buyers. The Eyekandy Virtual Experience brings those people right into the heart of the shop. Instantly. It certainly helps turn ‘interested browsers’ into buyers.”

Where boutique and specialist stores have been limited to local customers in the past, VR allows them to expand to reach a wider audience, and subsequently sell more.

VR experiences can also reinforce company philosophies with consumers, as our VR experience for major ping-pong venue Bounce.

Maria Dogin, Head of Marketing at Bounce said, “Our CEO, Adam Breeden said, “The philosophy at Bounce is to exceed expectations in everything we do and to constantly innovate - it's not enough for us to just rely on how fun it is to play ping pong, we aim to create a totally new experience, a Bounce experience."

​Maria adds, "Eyekandy has now taken our philosophy one step further - to share the Bounce experience virtually. People can see what we are about in virtual reality and I am sure that this will entice more guests to come in and immerse themselves for real! This is a game changer for us!

Andy Shackleton, CEO of Eyekandy, noted, “Eyekandy continues to pioneer genuine commercial applications for Virtual and Augmented Reality projects for our Brands and Retail partners. We ensure we safeguard our Clients from the hype and guide them to producing a valuable, innovative asset that can drive brand loyalty, interest and sales.”​

The Eyekandy VR Showreel shows the pioneering work we have done with these brands.

Source: Eyekandy